Sagar Kaul

News Editor

Sagar Kaul is Director of Editorial Operations – Asia for First Person News (FPN), an international news agency based out of San Francisco, US. With FPN, Mr. Kaul works to strengthen the concept of crowdsourced journalism in the region. Mr. Kaul also serves as an advisor to the Young Journalist Forum of Jammu and Kashmir helping the organization groom the next generation of journalists so that they are a par with their global counterparts.

Prior to joining First Person News, Mr. Kaul worked as News Editor for Newzulu International, a crowd-sourced news wire agency based in Paris. Covering India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bangladesh, Mr. Kaul was responsible for recruiting new contributors for the website,sourcing breaking stories and establishing partnerships with media outfits in India. He was also responsible for validating stories across the Newzulu platforms and sending them out to international wire partners.

Prior to joining Newzulu, Mr. Kaul worked with the London-based media agency, Barcroft Media,as a staff photographer and in their editorial department. He had regular assignments documenting human interest stories that have been featured around the world. His photographs and videos have appeared in internationally renowned publications such as the Guardian, Time magazine, Huffington Post, the Sun, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, the Mirror, the L.A. Times and the New York Post.

In 2012 Mr. Kaul did a photo feature on manual scavengers around Delhi – those responsible for manually cleaning human waste from the network of sewers around the city. Mr. Kaul followed a group of these scavengers for a week documenting their lives, their families and their work. The Sun newspaper in the UK quickly picked up the story and ran it as an exclusive. A few more publications then picked the story and, in 2014, Human Rights Watch produced a report on manual scavenging calling for the abolition of this practice. Time magazine also carried the
story, putting pressure on the Indian government to implement stricter regulations to protect manual scavengers.

Mr. Kaul’s photo feature on the, “Human Trafficking and Homeless Children of Delhi” was featured in the 2013 Human Trafficking report released by US State Department an is still used in their training manual.

Before pursuing his passion for media and photography, Mr. Kaul, with a background in software and networking, worked for many years with computer and technology companies in Srinagar and Pune. Mr. Kaul is a native of Srinagar, Kashmir where he also received his education and the inspiration for his work. He currently live in New Delhi with his wife.


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