Published on 15 Apr 2013

AN acid attack victim who rose to fame by winning the jackpot on India’s biggest quiz show is refusing to give up on justice – despite her acid attackers remaining free. Sonali Mukherjee was left completely disfigured when a spurned suitor broke into her home and threw acid on her face in Tezaab, an acid chemical normally used to clean rusted tools. The harrowing attack covered her in 70 per cent burns and left her partially blind and deaf. And while many could be forgiven for thinking her million rupee prize on Who Wants to be a Millionaire was the perfect treatment – she insists only justice for her attackers will give her closure.
Currently her tormentors are still free to roam the streets having served just four months in prison. The acid attackers had initially been sentenced by a local court to nine years – but were freed on appeal, where they remain today. Yet, the courageous 28-year-old is fighting back spurred on by her new found fame and fortune, determined to spearhead a major change in women’s rights.
Sonali, who was 17 when the horrifying acid attack incident took place, said: “I used to be a beautiful, confident woman. But my beauty became my curse. “For three years after the attack, I was in shock and unable to do anything. I even applied for Euthanasia but when that was refused I decided to fight back. “People like these three men, who can spoil someone’s life like this in a fraction of a second should be brought to justice. “These incidents [of acid attacks] will stop only when people involved are given hard punishments according to the crime they have committed.

Videographer/Director : Sagar Kaul