Published on 19 Nov 2012

An Indian woman claims to be the world’s oldest dwarf – at 113-years-old. Dwarf Zeenat Bi, a resident of Bhopal, India, stands at just three feet tall. But despite suffering from cataracts and a calcium deficiency, dwarf Zeenat manages to survive on her own on just £3.19 a month. And Zeenat Bi has now earmarked a wish list of things she wants to do before she dies – including meeting Bollywood star Salman Khan and taking part in the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. Dwarf Zeenat Bi’s Government pension record states her age as 101-years-old – but the feisty pensioner claims she is much older at 113. The current record holder according to Guinness World Book of Records is Lowell Deforest Mason, who was 74 years old as of February this year.

Videographer/Director : Sagar Kaul